Swisscom Trust Services AG, Zurich / Switzerland

Implementation and partnership with Swisscom Trust Services AG

The trust services of a new QVDA have been integrated into the POSsign module for electronic signatures of the POSportal server. In addition to the Austrian providers Primesign and A-Trust, the Swiss provider Swissccom Trust Services has now also been integrated as standard. In addition to eIDAS-compliant signatures for the EU area, ZertES-compliant signatures can now be offered for the Swiss area.

Swisscom services are already being used by one customer.

About Swisscom Trust Services AG

Swisscom Trust Services AG is the only European provider to offer qualified electronic signatures in the EU (in accordance with the eIDAS Signature Regulation) and Switzerland (in accordance with the ZertES Signature Act). As the leading provider of trust services in Europe, Swisscom Trust Services enables its partners to drive pan-European digital innovation by providing identity-based services that can run completely digitally without media disruption.