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We offer you a modular service platform.
You can use the individual services, functions and products to implement online onboarding processes and put them together in the way you want to use them in your application.
The platform's services offer you reliable and legally compliant tools in the areas of data capture, online legitimization and electronic signatures. 
This is especially true if you have a use case with legal requirements.

POSdatahub - Data-Processing-Platform
Our interface hub for structured data acquisition and data distribution.
As a data processing portal, POSdatahub is our module for structured data collection, distribution and retrieval. With the help of POSdatahub, you can integrate all platform services into your onboarding processes. Using a web-based form, a DMS or a BPM tool, you can implement onboarding processes in a simple, fast and efficient way and duplicate them for your various channels.
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POSident - Online identification
Secure remote identification module
POSident enables fully secure remote identification as required in online business, for example. Various identification methods are available for this purpose. This allows you to offer your customers the right choice of methods against the background of the legal framework. These include, for example, identification at the point of sale, video identification, photo identification, Bankident, eID, etc.
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POSsign - Electronic Signature
Module for electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS
You can use POSsign to sign documents with electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS. In most cases, advanced electronic signatures are sufficient, as they are admissible as evidence in court. You can also generate qualified electronic signatures with POSsign for processes where a formal requirement applies by law. POSsign thus enables you to sign contracts, documents, forms, etc. electronically in a legally secure manner in any application.
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POSreporter - Live Reporting and Monitoring
Modules to monitor processes and systems
With POSreporter, you receive a reporting server as standard, which you can access at any time via your browser. All processes of your various services are collected and displayed on your personal dashboard in POSreporter so that you can evaluate them in “real time” or export them to another tool.
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POStools - Useful additional functions
Easily integrated functions for process optimization
With POStools, you can integrate individual services and functions of the platform directly via the API to optimize and improve your processes. “I would like to ... ... check an ID card ... compare biometric features ... integrate OCR ... Check creditworthiness ... authenticate a user.”
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