Hilti AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Hilti starts with electronic TORG-13 process in Russia.

Hilti has expanded its POSportal installation and optimized its internal SAP delivery note process (TORG-13) in Russia. The entire process was fully electronically mapped with a certificate-based signature process integrated in MS Active Directory, completely transparent for SAP and the EMC archive system.

The aim was to create consistency in the processes, security and audit-proof documentation.

The use case: Internal delivery bills (TORG-13)

Previously, internal goods shipments such as demo equipment were accompanied by paper documents that were generated from SAP. Certain documents (quality check, packing lists, consignment bills, etc.) have to be confirmed and signed at various stations. Finally, the recipient must confirm receipt of the goods. As very large distances have to be bridged in some cases, asynchrony has often led to inconsistencies.

From now on, each document will receive a unique control code from SAP containing all process-relevant information (requester, QA, recipient, necessary communication, etc.). The POSportal server automatically generates the individual document workflow from the SAP control information (e.g. who is informed about what and when, etc.). It notifies the parties involved (persons and groups according to MS Active Directory specifications) and requests a corresponding signature for the document (smart card, biometric signature, cell phone signature, etc.). The workflow is completed with successful archiving.

The business case is clearly positive.

The internal business case analysis calculates a return on investment (ROI) of well under 12 months. This does not include the employees' delight at the reduction in workload.

About Hilti AG

Hilti AG is a Liechtenstein-based tool manufacturer with headquarters in Schaan. The company specializes in fastening technology and has become well known for its electro-pneumatic hammer drill. Hilti AG employs around 21,000 people worldwide, around 1,900 of them in Liechtenstein, making it the Principality's largest employer. Hilti AG has branches in over 120 countries. (Source: Wikipedia)