Zürich Versicherungs-AG, Vienna / Austria

Zürich Versicherung opts for POS Solutions: Digital insurance application at Zürich Versicherungs-AG

Zurich Insurance equips all Austrian sales employees with signPOS. After a thorough evaluation phase, Zurich opted for signPOS signature software. 

Once again, the simple technical implementation contributed significantly to the decision. Significant process improvements and the good usability of the POS Solutions product also convinced Zurich Insurance.

The modular structure of the POS software and its expandability also played an important role. In the future, a version for mobile devices will be added to the solution portfolio of Zürich Versicherung and an application in the Zürich Selfcare area is also in the scope of the next considerations.

The introduction of the solution is paying off for Zurich Insurance, as it increases the speed of policy processing and reduces costs.


About Zürich Versicherungs-AG

Zürich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft in Austria is part of the globally active Zurich Insurance Group AG. With around 560,000 customers and around 1,200 employees, Zurich is one of the top ten insurance companies in Austria.