POS Solutions GmbH, Braunau am Inn / Austria (Upper Austria)

Product launch of POSident photo identification - Automated self-service identification

With fully automated photo identification, the user is identified on the basis of their uploaded ID document and their portrait photo. The biometrics of their photos, the integrity of their ID document (including the data it contains) and a liveness check are carried out.

In remote identification procedures, photo identification can also replace video identification in certain cases. Photo identification can also be combined with bank ID procedures, for example, in order to achieve a higher level of security.

Photo identification can also be used to check ID documents and self-portraits for fraud, and the ID data can be made available for automated further processing.

Photo identification process:

- Entry via sent link, re-direct or data matrix code

- Photo of a (predefined or selectable) ID document

- Photo of the face (self-portrait)

- Direct information about the check result and forwarding to the next steps (e.g. onboarding)