KSV1870, Vienna / Austria

Product launch of further KSV1870 services - Automated onboarding in the info passports for applicants and financiers

The expansion of the KSV1870 Internet portal is progressing and with it there are also further digital application routes for the InfoPass products. InfoPasses for applicants and financiers have now been added.

These documents contain the information stored about private individuals at KSV1870 and are based on the respective purpose of use.


About KSV1870

KSV offers international business information, debt collection services and representation in insolvency proceedings. 70 percent of business information is already accessed online.

International subsidiaries and strategic investments have created the KSV Group, which stands for technical know-how on the one hand and worldwide connections on the other. The association is governed by a presidium and board of directors, with Johannes Nejedlik and Karl Jagsch responsible for operational management. Today, 720 employees look after 20,000 members at 28 locations in Austria and abroad. Turnover in Austria amounted to 42 million euros in 2006. (Source: KSV1870)