Braunau am Inn / Austria

Product enhancement: POS Fotoident now also supports NFC

Auto-identification procedures are also permitted in the context of KYC identification, e.g. to identify new customers in the finance sector (e.g. at banks) in a legally compliant manner.

In Austria, a special form of photo identification is required in order to be compliant.

In accordance with the Online Identification Ordinance (BGBLA 2021 II 455, dated 02/11/2021), the POSportal Fotoident module can be used for identification in accordance with FM GwG. FotoidentCHP is the combination of photo identification and the reading of an ID document with a chip.

Advantages of Fotoident for GwG

- FM-GwG compliant (according to Online-IDV from 02.11.2021).

- The security of the process is greatly increased

- The speed and flexibility of photo identification is maintained.

Particularly critical use cases (e.g. transmission of health data, financially motivated fraud situations, etc.) may also make it necessary to use a stronger photo ID procedure.

How it works: In addition to photo identification (ID photo, selfie portrait and security check), the user reads the chip of their ID document (e.g. passport) using the NFC reader on their smartphone. The read chip data is validated by the POSportal platform at a trusted service.