Paybox Bank AG, Wien / Austria

Innovative new online registration for Paybox customers

As an alternative to personal registration in the Telekom stores of A1, T-Mobile and Drei, Paybox now also offers its customers full online registration.

Online registration was already possible before, but customers still had to authenticate themselves in person (e.g. in an A1 store) to complete the process. Now legitimization and authentication can also be done from the comfort of your living room or desk.

The only requirement for this streamlined, customer-friendly process is a touch-enabled device:

1. the customer wants to register using the website, phone or Paybox app.

2. they enter the required registration data or have it recorded by a Paybox employee over the phone

3. they take a photo of their ID and save the image to their contract

4. the customer is shown the contract and signs it electronically

5. the customer receives their contract by post or e-mail, depending on their preference.

With this solution, Paybox Bank once again demonstrates the efficiency of its Internet services. An important milestone in the field of e-commerce.

In the next step, the solution will be integrated into the Paybox app as a standard registration procedure.

About Paybox Bank AG

Paybox is a mobile payment service provided by paybox Bank AG. Since 2001, it has been offering the leading cashless payment method via cell phone on the Austrian market with paybox - Zahl's mit dem Handy.

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