Ergo Versicherung AG Austria, Vienna / Austria

Ergo Versicherung offers a fully electronic application process

Ergo Versicherung equips all Austrian sales channels, i.e. banks, online sales, own employees, brokers, etc. with signPOS.

After a thorough market research and tendering phase, Ergo Versicherung opted for signPOS signature software.

Due to the complicated channel-related requirements of Ergo Versicherung (mobile signature, online and offline functionalities, secure delivery, etc.), signPOS software was able to score points with a complete range of standard functionalities and once again set itself apart from all market competitors. All use cases and process requirements could be mapped with signPOS without any major additional effort.

In particular, the mobile signature on smartphones and thus the outstanding usability of signPOS software is of great importance in the project.

Implementation and advantages of the partnership with Scanpoint

The solution was implemented together with the POS solution partner Scanpoint, so that a substantial team could be put together. One of the highlights is the option of “secure delivery” in Austria, which was realized together on the basis of Austrian Post services.

Deep integration into the Ergo insurance portal

The technical implementation was carried out directly in Ergo Versicherung's insurance portal, resulting in significant process improvements,

increases the speed of policy issuance and reduces costs.


About ERGO Versicherung

ERGO Versicherung in Austria is a subsidiary of ERGO Austria International AG. As part of the strategic cooperation with the partners UniCredit/Bank Austria and Volksbanken as well as through brokers, agencies and direct sales, a needs-based product range of life and property/casualty insurance for the private and corporate sectors is offered. ERGO Austria International AG in Vienna is part of the ERGO Group AG based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

About Scanpoint Europe Holding GmbH

Scanpoint GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Österreichische POST AG. Scanpoint's Austrian production sites are located in all six mail distribution centers of Österreichische POST AG (Graz, Hall in Tirol, Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Vienna), which ensures a nationwide digitization network for short transport routes. In addition, a production site is operated in Slovakia in Nitra - Scanpoint Slovakia s.r.o..