Basler Kantonalbank AG, Basel / Swizz

Electronic signature at the branches of the Basler Kantonalbank (BKB)

Basler Kantonalbank customers can now sign electronically when making deposits and withdrawals.

In the first phase, electronic signatures were introduced for use cases at the transaction counters of Basler Kantonalbank branches in order to further optimize branch processes with the help of automated and electronic processes.

The first phase involves a purely client-based architecture and the use of signature tablets. The implementation was carried out in such a way that the solution can be expanded for further use cases in later phases and can also be transferred to client-server operation.

Uncomplicated project with rapid transition from pilot to live operation

The excellent cost-benefit ratio was already apparent in the upstream business case analysis.

After analyzing the existing processes and systems at the transaction counter, high-volume use cases such as “cash payment” and “safe visits” were identified, which were to be made available in the first phase. After a smooth pilot operation, the solution has now been rolled out across Switzerland.