Procurement Services GmbH Vienna / Austria

Collaboration platform for supplier contracts at Ersten Group

Ersten Group Procurement had established a manual process for the exchange of contract data using Excel spreadsheets. However, the manual process causes a great deal of handling effort on all sides (both at the supplier and at Erste Group). In addition, the Excel tables can only be kept up to date with great effort.

Reduction of handling costs

With the help of POSportal technology, a solution has now been created that automates a large part of the processes and thus significantly reduces handling costs and effort.

User-friendly HTML5 interface

In a user-friendly HTML5 interface, which is already connected to backend databases for pre-filling, the contract data is now exchanged between bank employees and suppliers in several stages.

Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint

The final document is also stored in the standard Sharepoint database after internal approval, which also ensures standard archiving.

Centralized operation as a multilingual international platform

The contract platform is operated by the Erste Group in Austria, but is used as a service in the Eastern European subsidiaries. Multilingualism was therefore a basic requirement for implementation.


Ersten Group Bank AG

Procurement Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ersten Group Bank AG. With 16.4 million customers, Ersten Group is one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It belongs to the Austrian Savings Bank Group and is represented in the Austrian Savings Bank Association.