A1 Telekom Austria AG, Wien / Austria

A1 Telekom Austria launches a new mobile solution for its sales staff.

A1 Telekom Austria firmly believes in it! As of now, all sales employees are working with a new mobile sales and lead capture tool (“Mein Tipp”). “Mein Tipp” is available for PCs and notebooks, but above all for tablet PCs and smartphones.

The tool focuses on optimizing sales processes in the field and in A1 stores. With the help of interactive presentation forms on tablet PCs, the aim is to increase the customer's desire to buy.


- Content maintenance by specialist department (presentations, form creation, etc.)

- Short presentation (product, promotions etc.)

- Fast lead capture without logical queries (availability, manufacturability, etc.)

- Lead forwarding and appointment scheduling

- Configurable notification service (e.g. automatic lead tracking, automatic confirmation email for the customer, etc.)

- Tool must also be usable for external employees

- Online and offline capability

- Reporting

The interfaces of the currently existing infrastructure (SAP, Clarify, CRM) are used.