A1 Telekom Austria AG, Wien / Austria

A1 Telekom Austria expands its mobile sales solution with the module for centralized document distribution.

Central document distribution (CDD) takes on the task of providing all mobile devices with targeted information from a central location and managing it. 

With storage “in the cloud”, central document distribution represents a business alternative to all file-sharing apps that are hosted “somewhere” on the Internet under external control and are actually only suitable for private use due to questionable data security. The POS.portal server and therefore also the POS.box are located in the A1 LAN and are therefore subject to the standard company policy.

Based on a role and user concept, files and information can be distributed to specific recipients and/or recipient groups (integration into the Active Directory) and (if desired) can also be stored offline. For all mobile A1 employees, this means that they always have the latest product information and price lists available on their iPads.

At A1, the ZDV is currently configured so that each employee also has the option of creating a favorites folder in which they can link the documents they use frequently and create a private folder in which they can save individual information.

The information is integrated in the front end in such a way that after the information presentation, it can be seamlessly transferred to the interested party data entry, and the data record is then automatically linked to the interest and event.

Highlights at a glance:

- Up-to-date information with the latest version

- Role and user concept for information distribution

- Personal information storage and structure “In the cloud”

- Personal and configurable push notification service

- Central management

- Offline capability

- Hardware independent